Date: August 2014

Type: Tech Demo / Prototype

Client: Internal Project

Role: UX, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Compositing

To try and win new clients, at Oliv we often made prototypes for pitching and even cold pitching. We had ideas for using interactivity to amplify and extend film trailers, so picked the new hot thing at the time, Guardians of the Galaxy.

As we were only working with content found on the internet, I had to carry out an awful lot of rotoscoping to composite looping characters into the interactive scene. For example, here is the loop of Drax.



For the UI, the cinematic quality, future tech, interface designs had to be emulated and appropriated for our own interface with which users would interact. Again, an example for what I created for Drax.


Our success only went as far as James Gunn and Zoe Saldana sharing the tech demo on twitter but not a deal with Marvel unfortunately.

If you are on desktop and have your Ad Blocker disabled, you can check the actual ad and play for yourself here