Date: November 2012

Type: Interactive Pre-Roll

Client: Lemsip

Role: Project Lead, UI, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Sound Design

Lemsip is a brand under the Reckitt Benckiser umbrella and one of the 7 brands I personally serviced in 2012. At this time, there was very little focus and budget given to online video by the brand teams at RB. Almost all the pre-roll ads we produced were "retrofit" and had very simple, quick to produce interactions. Typically we were building 3 - 5 interactive ads a week between our 10 person team and these ads had to be coordinated and reproduced for 15-20 different countries depending on the brand.

Lemsip required our team to take their TV ad 'Ice Queen' and retroactively add an interaction for the online pre roll placement. It featured a grouchy, frozen, icicle bedraggled woman who comes home to a tundra-like living room and is saved by plucky little Lemmy by warming her back up with a cup of Lemsip.

Working with only the final TV copy for footage, a 30 second time restriction and asset size limit of just a few hundred kbs, we had a challenge on our hands as usual. After a few rounds of concepting and feedback, we developed a concept that would allow the user to enact the warming of the Ice Queen, thus enforcing the message of the original ad.

For this production, I lead the concepting of the interaction, designed and made all of the visual elements and then oversaw the coding team to ensure the right feeling of the final product.

If you are on desktop and have your Ad Blocker disabled, you can check the actual ad and play for yourself here