my sweet prince

Windows 2000, dial-up, MSN messenger and Placebo. Set in 2003 on the Isle of Wight, 15-year-old Tommy is in search for connection in the advent of the internet age.

Commissioned through the BFI Network & BBC development scheme 'Born Digital'. Directed by Jason Bradbury.


I had the pleasure of recreating the awkward dial-up internet days of the director’s (and my!) teenage years, before snapchat, before facebook, when it took 40 seconds to load a 200kb image.

The director, Jason Bradbury, wanted to have a real prop for the actor to interact with as a child who is 15 years old in 2019 has no reference for what the experience of the technology was like at the time. It’s not too hard to get an old machine working, running Windows 2000 but Microsoft ended support for MSN Messenger over 10 years ago. So I was brought in to re-assemble the interfaces and animate all the interactions that feature in the film, to be shot in-camera, for the actor to respond to.

After it’s premiere at the BFI Southbank, the film was broadcast on the BBC and is currently circulating festivals worldwide. Clearly the most exciting accolade however is that Brian Molko and Placebo watched the film and approved the use of one of their tracks, and even promoted it in a tweet.

Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 16.25.55.png