Date: May 2012

Type: Interactive Pre-Roll

Client: Gaviscon UK

Role: Project Lead, Motion Graphics, Compositing

Gaviscon is a brand under the Reckitt Benckiser umbrella and one of the 7 worldwide brands I personally serviced in 2012. At this time, there was very little focus and budget given to online video by the brand teams at RB. Almost all the pre-roll ads we produced were "retrofit" and had very simple, quick to produce interactions. Typically we were building 3 - 5 interactive ads a week between our 10 person team and these ads had to be coordinated and reproduced for 15-20 different countries depending on the brand.

However it is the level of integration and collaboration with our partner agency and production houses that made this ad really stand out. The results of this effort spoke for itself when the interaction rates returned twice to three times higher than average. It is from this ad that Oliv garnered greater integration and collaboration with Havas Worldwide and better budgets from the client, Reckitt Benckiser.

Gaviscon is a medicinal product for heartburn. For TV, communicating the brand's attributes is a tricky brief, play it too safe and it could be really boring, go for something more risky and it could be very, very gross. So to create an interaction for users to engage and touch the brand message is even tougher.

I worked with the brand team at Havas London on several concepts as to how Gavin, the Fireman mascot of Gavison,  could come to the "heartburn rescue" for this campaign. I wanted to avoid any interaction inside a human body for obvious reasons and gave ideas of a platform game, where gavin would have to avoid have to dodge commuters and jump levels to deposit the tablet and an abseiling / swinging game to drop the tablet. What won out at in the end was a surfing game, which really effectively showed the product's ability to provide relief almost instantly.

Once the film was shot, I worked with a team at The Mill who produced looping assets to our requirements.

For this production, I lead the concepting of the interaction, designed and made all of the UI visual elements and then oversaw the coding team to ensure the right feeling of the final product.

If you are on desktop and have your Ad Blocker disabled, you can check the actual ad and play for yourself here